Leopard gecko (E. macularius) care & information
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The Leopard gecko community is growing fast. Leopard Geckos 101 is a free, informative website helping owners to improve the quality of their pets.

Our vision is to help create an informed community of Leopard gecko owners by posting articles that are relevant, up to date and correct. Mainly authored by Dr Renier Delport, our articles are also based on experience, medical knowledge and reference articles.

Although Leopard geckos are a good starter species for many people, it is the keeper’s responsibility to provide the best care possible(50). Correct information leads to better knowledge which empowers us to do so.

Our Leopard gecko articles are grouped into categories for easy navigation. Each category contains various articles aiming to outline the following topics:

  • Accessories — physical things such as heating equipment
  • Behaviour — acting normal or abnormal
  • Biology — a more scientific approach
  • Breeding — helping to make babies
  • Care — basic needs and requirements
  • Environment — the area they live in, incl. enrichment
  • Facts — what we know about pet and wild Leopard geckos
  • Feeding — hows, whens, whats
  • Food — specifics about food items incl. crickets and mealworms
  • Health — diseases and medical conditions

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