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Leopard geckos 101 (“We”, “Our”) is a free, informative website written in a blog fashion. It is updated regularly and hosted on a paid-for server. In order to earn some income for our efforts to write useful articles, we make use of affiliate links and Google AdSense to display ‘paid for’ advertising (“ads”).

Because We know that ads on a free website can be annoying, they are placed in areas that will create the least amount of discomfort for our valued readers and will in a way not to interfere with the content of the site.

Google ads

The content of ads is randomly generated according to the content of the website. Google has strict policies on the type of ads they allow, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of the links and the referring websites. This website will not advertise counterfeit goods, dangerous products or services, products or services that enable dishonest behaviour or offensive or inappropriate content. Ads will also not be displayed as annoying pop-ups.

Taking the above into consideration, if you are using an Ad Blocking Browser Extension, please disable it for this site.

Affiliate links

In addition to Google ads, We also rely on other affiliates, such as and BangGood, to ear additional income. Links to these sites will always be named as such. If you’re planning on doing some online shopping from or BangGood, Wwe will benefit from you using our affiliate links. Both these stores deliver worldwide – so no matter where you are in the world, your package will reach you. Using our links will allow you to buy anything you like, even non-Leopard gecko related products and will come with no additional cost to you.

You can also support Leopard geckos 101 by using the following links to sign up with our partners:

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If you have any questions about Our Ads Policy, You can contact Us by using the comments section below.

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